Sunday, September 20, 2015
ECCE 2115
Location: Montreal, Quebec

"Improving DC-DC Converter Performance with GaN Transistors"
Speaker: David Reusch, Ph.D., Director of Applications

Gallium Nitride (GaN) power semiconductors are being adopted in an increasing number of power conversion applications. The technology is rapidly developing and product experience in the field is expanding. This tutorial will begin with a discussion of the state-of-the art in GaN technology, including an overview of GaN technology, GaN transistor structures and the latest electrical performance.

The tutorial will continue with design basics fundamental to GaN transistors including drivers, layout, paralleling, dead-time management, and thermal considerations. Following the design basics will be design examples with a focus on 48 VIN to 1 VOUT network and telecom power supplies. Different architectures will be compared and the benefits of GaN transistors will be quantified over Si MOSFETs for various approaches to get 48 VIN to load.

The tutorial concludes with a look into future of this relatively young technology and its potential to improve performance in existing applications and enable new applications not possible with aging silicon MOSFETs. Beyond the discrete transistor, the extension of GaN technology to fully integrated circuits will be discussed, furthering the potential of GaN to raise the bar in power conversion performance.

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