Frequently Asked Questions


Lead Free / RoHS

When will EPC offer Lead free products?

In March, 2010 EPC introduced our first generation enhancement mode gallium nitride (eGaN® FETs). This initial product offering was RoHS non-compliant; containing lead in the device bump solder. The inital lead bearing devices followed part number nomenclature EPC1xxx.

EPC began offering lead free/RoHS-compliant versions of our eGaN FETs in 2011 and they are immediately available through Digi-Key Corporation at For more information, please see our lead free statement at

How are lead free part types identified?

Lead free parts are clearly identified with RoHS labels on the reels.

What lead free material does EPC use on RoHS compliant product offering?

EPC uses 95.5/4.0/0.5 Sn/Ag/Cu and 97.5/2.5 Sn/Ag for our RoHS compliant solder bumps.

Does EPC still offer lead bearing parts? If so, for how long?

EPC also offers devices with a high lead (95% Pb / 5% Sn) solder termination for commercial applications.  These devices are identified in the product table (

Are there assembly recommendations specific to the lead-free, RoHS compliant devices?

Yes, please see the items posted in FAQ/Assembling EPC lead free eGaN FETs specific to the lead-free, RoHS compliant devices at

Are there assembly recommendations specific to the commercial high lead devices?

Please contact EPC at for questions related to assembly of our commercial high lead product offering.