EPC Gallium Nitride Automotive AEC Q101 Qualified


Automotive technology has entered a renaissance with the emergence of autonomous cars and electric propulsion as driving forces. This is also happening at a time when silicon is reaching its performance limits in the world of power conversion.

Why GaN for Cars?

Automotive electronics can now take full advantage of the improved efficiency, speed, smaller size, and lower cost of eGaN devices. Already, several large applications where GaN has significant advantages over the aging silicon MOSFET have emerged:

EPC Automotive Electronics

48 V – 12 V Power Distribution Systems:

GaN Increases Efficiency, Reduces Size and Weight, Lowers Cost

The need for 48 V bus power distribution has become evident with all the new power hungry electronically-driven functions and features appearing on the latest cars. 

For example:

  • Electric start-stop
  • Electric steering
  • Electric suspension
  • Electric turbo-supercharging
  • Variable speed air conditioning
48 V EPC GaN Automotive Applications

And now, with the emergence of autonomous vehicles, additional demands from systems such as LiDAR, radar, camera, and ultrasonic sensors, are placed upon the power distribution system. These require high performance graphic processors to gather, interpret, integrate, and to make sense of it all. These processors are very power hungry and put an additional burden on traditional automotive 12 V electrical distribution buses. 

For 48 V bus systems, GaN technology increases the efficiency, shrinks the size, and reduces system cost.

Reference Designs for 48 VBUS

  產品型號 描述 VIN VOUT lOUT
fSW 氮化鎵器件型號  
EPC9130 Demonstration Board
EPC9130 48 V to 12 V Non-Isolated, Regulated Bus Converter 36 - 60 12 50 500 kHz EPC2045 立即購買
EPC9205 Demonstration Board
EPC9205 100 V GaN Power Module 48 - 80 10 700 kHz EPC2045 立即購買

LiDAR for Autonomous Vehicles:

See Farther, Faster, Better with GaN

LiDAR (Light Distancing and Ranging) uses pulsed lasers to rapidly provide a high-resolution, 360-degree, three-dimensional image of what is surrounding the vehicle. The speed of the laser is critical to getting the extremely high-resolution images required for safe autonomous transport. Thus, the faster the LiDAR operates, the higher the image resolution of the surroundings. 

GaN technology enables the laser signal to be fired at far higher speeds than comparable silicon MOSFET components.  GaN-based LiDAR allows autonomous vehicles to see farther, faster, and better becoming the primary “eyes on the road.”

LiDAR systems Silicon vs. GaN laser driver

LiDAR Demo Designs

產品型號 描述 VBUS
Max Pulse (A) 氮化鎵器件型號
EPC9126 Demonstration Board
EPC9126 大脈衝電流的鐳射二極體驅動器的演示電路板 80 5 6 ns 75 EPC2016C (EPC2202) 立即購買
EPC9126HC Demonstration Board
EPC9126HC 大脈衝電流的鐳射二極體驅動器的演示電路板 80 5 6 ns 150 EPC2001C 立即購買
產品型號 配置 VDS Max
(VGS = 5 V)
最大脈衝峰值電流 ID(A)
(25°C, Tpulse = 300µs)
EPC2202 單路 80 17 3.2 1 0.55 18 75 LGA 2.1 x 1.6 立即購買
EPC2203 單路 80 80 0.67 0.22 0.12 3.6 17 BGA 0.9 x 0.9 立即購買

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