48 V = GaN

48 V = GaN

More Efficient • Smaller • Lower Cost

GaN is redefining power conversion…eGaN® FETs and ICs increase the efficiency, shrink the size, and reduce system cost for 48 V power conversion.

The EPC2152 power stage operating at 1 MHz (blue line) has an overall power loss (including inductor and control IC) at 10 A that is 50% lower than the best Si MOSFET solution (black X) when operated with 48 VIN and 12 VOUT. The green line shows the comparative performance when the power stage is fabricated with discrete GaN FETs driven by a silicon IC.

EPC has the largest GaN portfolio in the industry from 15 V – 350 V, from less than 1 A to 590 A.
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EPC2152 More Efficient, Smaller, Lower Cost

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