How to GaN Educational Series

The EPC “How to GaN” educational series is designed to accelerate your learning curve for gallium nitride technology. Theory and real world application of high performance GaN power transistors are explored.

Modules available:

HTG01 Introduction – Material ComparisonsHTG01 Introduction – Material Comparisons
This introduction will provide a basic understanding of why gallium nitride is such a great new semiconductor material.

HTG02 Introduction – Performance CharacteristicsHTG02 Introduction – Performance Characteristics
An examination of how the characteristics of enhancement mode gallium nitride transistors translate into electrical characteristics superior to the aging power MOSFET

HTG03 Design Example – Hard-Switching ApplicationsHTG03 Design Example – Hard-Switching Applications
The benefits of eGaN FETs in hard-switching applications

HTG04 Design Example – Soft-Switching ApplicationsHTG04 Design Example – Soft-Switching Applications
The benefits of eGaN FETs in soft-switching applications

HTG05 Design Basics – Gate DriveHTG05 Design Basics – Gate Drive
Gate drive requirements for the eGaN FET and current solutions

HTG06 Design Basics – LayoutHTG06 Design Basics – Layout
The evolution of packaging technology for power transistors and layout techniques to extract the optimal benefit from the low inductance LGA package of the eGaN FET.

HTG07 Design Basics – Dead-Time ManagementHTG07 Design Basics – Dead-Time Management
The impact of dead-time on performance and management techniques to optimize the performance of the eGaN FET in practical applications.

HTG08 Design Basics – Thermal ManagementHTG08 Design Basics – Thermal Management
Thermal management techniques to optimize the performance of the eGaN FET in practical applications.

HTG09 Design Basics – MeasurementHTG09 Design Basics – Measurement
Measurement techniques for the eGaN FET.

HTG10 Design Basics – PrototypingHTG10 Design Basics – Prototyping
Steps to turn one of our standard development boards into a working prototype.

HTG11 A Look into the FutureHTG11 A Look into the Future
Where is GaN going?