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EPC’s GaN Experts will be online during APEC to discuss the latest enhancement-mode gallium nitride-based FETs and ICs and demonstrating how GaN technology’s superior performance is transforming power delivery across industries. Join the technical presentations and visit us in the virtual exposition.

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EPC Conference Schedule

Examples of Applications Benefitting from the Monolithic GaN Power Stage and Redefining the Stage of the Art

Industry Session IS04.3

The advent of the monolithic GaN ePower™ Stage has led to the development of several applications that can take advantage of the design simplification and performance improvements that it offers. In this presentation an example of a 300 W capable 1/16TH brick converter and a 400 W motor drive will be presented.

A 1 kW eGaN FET-Based LLC Resonant Converter in the 1/8th Power Brick Size for 48 V Server Applications

Industry Session IS07.1

This paper presents the design of a 1 kW eGaN FET-based LLC resonant converter in the 1/8TH power brick size for 48 V server applications. The LLC resonant topology will be introduced with GaN FET selection and parameter design to realize zero voltage switching (ZVS). A simple method to attach a heat-spreader to both sides of the board is adopted to improve the thermal performance. The standalone 1 kW LLC resonant converter prototype achieves 97.6% peak efficiency and 96.5% full-load efficiency.

How the Monolithic Integration of Power, Analog, and Digital Components in GaN-on-Si Technology Is Changing Power Conversion

Industry Session IS08.3

Integrated circuits made using GaN-on-Si substrates have been in production for over six years. Since that time, GaN-based ICs have gone through various “phases” of integration from pure discrete devices to monolithic half-bridge devices, to power FETs that included their own monolithically integrated driver, and more recently, to fully monolithic power stages containing power FETs, drivers, level shifting circuits, logic, and protection. This talk we will explore the implications of this integration on the design, and performance of both terrestrial and space-based power conversion systems.

eGaN FETs and ICs enable next-generation motor drives, robot, drones, ebikes and escooters

Industry Session IS15.2

This presentation will explore the value of eGaN devices for 48V motor drives, including a review of the key applications. The presentation will further examine the advantages of a GaN inverter for motor drives resulting in dead time elimination for smoother and quieter operation and input filter EMI reduction for lower system cost and higher power density.

Physics-Based Models of eGaN Device Failure Mechanisms

Industry Session IS16.3

Using test-to-fail methodologies coupled with extensive analysis of the root causes of failure, physics-based models have been developed. In part one of this discussion, the lifetime of the gate electrodes in enhancement mode GaN devices is modeled based on the understanding that the primary cause of failure is impact ionization. Measured results closely match theory. In part 2, this same methodology is used to model the hot carrier injection and trapping responsible for dynamic on-resistance in GaN devices. Once again, measured results closely match theory.

EPC eGaN FETs Enables MPS High Power Density Fixed Ratio Intermediate Bus Converters

Industry Session IS20.1

Today’s data centers use an average of 3 kW to 5 kW per rack to power server, storage, and networking racks, but the latest generations can stretch this to 10 kW for the entire power system. To meet the industry’s new power requirements, MPS has developed a new power architecture, using a 48 V distribution voltage with either the legacy 12 V system or a new 4.8V system. This first stage conversion is taken care of by a new family of LLC power modules. Thanks to using the latest generation eGaN FETs from EPC and MPS system and packaging know-how, these converters can achieve best in class power densities and efficiencies. This talk will highlight target performance objectives and share design techniques and considerations that led to the successful market introduction of these power modules.

Professional Education Seminar: Maximizing GaN FET and IC Performance

Session S16

Gallium nitride power semiconductors have seen increased adoption in many power electronic applications. The performance of GaN FETs continues to evolve and improve, but the challenges of maximizing the GaN benefit increases too. This tutorial will provide engineers with the tools and understanding needed to fully utilize the potential of GaN FETs and integrated circuits.

The seminar contains four main sections; 1) An introduction to the critical distinguishing characteristics of GaN FETs, 2) The fundamentals of designing with GaN FETs and ICs, 3) GaN-based application examples demonstrating the techniques presented in section two, and 4) an introduction to the GaN integration revolution.

Exhibitor Seminar: How GaN is Driving Changes in Autonomy, Automotive, and eMobility

Discover how GaN is Driving Changes in Autonomy, Automotive, and eMobilityAutonomy: GaN FETs and ICs are a vital element in the “eyes” of autonomous vehicles by power the lasers used in lidar systems for applications from food delivery pods to warehouse robots to drones to fully autonomous taxis.Automotive: For 48 V automotive bus systems in mild hybrid electric vehicles, GaN technology increases the efficiency, shrinks the size, and reduces system cost.eMobility: The rapid emergence of scooters and e-bikes has opened new markets for chargers (wired and wireless), and compact motor drives. GaN transistors and integrated circuits are in all these applications due to their affordability, efficiency, and small size.

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