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eGaN FET-Silicon Power Shoot-Out Part 12: Optimizing Dead Time

Initial shoot-out articles showed that eGaN® FETs behave similarly to silicon devices and can be evaluated using the same performance metrics. Although eGaN FETs perform significantly better by most metrics, the eGaN FET ‘body-diode’ forward voltage is higher than its MOSFET counterpart and can be a significant loss component during dead-time. Body diode forward conduction losses alone do not make up all dead-time dependent losses. Diode reverse-recovery and output capacitance losses are also important. In this article, we discuss dead-time management and the need to ... Read more
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EPC Wireless Power Transfer Demonstration System named a Top 10 Wireless Charging Development for 2012 by PowerPulse.Net

Wireless charging will be a fast-growing segment of the power electronics industry in 2013. Significant developments began accelerating last year. The “Top 10” developments selected by the PowerPulse editors highlight important trends in wireless charging that will continue in 2013 and beyond. EPC announced a high efficiency wireless power demonstration system utilizing the high frequency switching capability of gallium nitride transistors. eGaN® FETs from EPC are well suited for these systems because of their ability to operate efficiently at high frequency, voltage, ... Read more
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Enhancement Mode GaN Making Wireless Power Transmission More Efficient

January 2, 2013 In this article we show that enhancement mode GaN transistors enable significant efficiency improvements in resonant topologies and demonstrate a practical example of a wireless power transmission system operating in the 6.78 MHz range. By Alex Lidow PhD, CEO; Michael deRooij PhD, Executive Director of Application Engineering; David Reusch PhD, Director of Application Engineering, EPC Bodo’s Power Systems ( Read the article Read more
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