EPC21601: 40 V, 10 A, 3.3 V Logic, eToF™ Laser Driver IC

VLaser operating up to 30 V
10 A peak current
Switching frequency > 100 MHz
Voltage switching time less than 500 ps
5 V nominal logic supply
3.3 V logic compatible input control
2 ns minimum input pulse width
2.9 ns delay time from input to output

EPC21601 GaN PowerIC
Die Size: 1.5 mm x 1.0 mm


  • Time of flight (ToF) measurement
    • Gesture recognition
    • Gaming
    • Driver awareness
    • Robotic vision
    • Industrial safety
  • ToF module using VCSEL laser for camera modules, laptops, and smart phones
  • Control switch for boost, flyback, or forward converters
  • Class-E amplifier
Status: Engineering
Engineering devices, designated with an ENG* suffix at point of purchase, are on engineering status and should not be used for reliability stress testing or other qualification testing without contacting your local field application engineer for the latest status.
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