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Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) Widens the Performance Gap with the Aging Power MOSFET with “Off-the-Shelf” High Performance Gallium Nitride Power Transistors

eGaN® power transistors continue to raise the bar for power conversion performance. Lower on-resistance, lower capacitance, higher current, and superior thermal performance enable power converters with greater than 98% efficiency.

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EL SEGUNDO, Calif.—July 2014 — Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) announces the introduction of six new-generation power transistor products and corresponding development boards. Ranging from 30 V to 200 V, these products provide significant reduction in RDS(on) greatly increasing their output current capability in applications such as high power density DC-DC converters, Point-of-Load (POL) converters, synchronous rectification in DC/DC and AC/DC converters, motor drives, LED lighting, and industrial automation.

New eGaN FET Products with Supporting Development Boards

Part Number Voltage Max RDS(on) (mΩ)
(VGS = 5 V)
Min. Peak Pulsed ID (A)
(25°C, Tpulse = 300 µs)
TJ (°C) Half-Bridge Development Boards
          Standard Low Duty Cycle
EPC2023 30 1.3 590 150 EPC9031 EPC9018