EPC9047 – 150 V 半桥开发板

EPC9047开发板具150 V最高器件电压、12 A最大输出电流、采用半桥拓扑及板载驱动器并采用EPC2033增强型(eGaN®)场效应晶体管。



EPC9047 Waveform ChartWaveforms for operation as a 110 V to 5 V/ 12 A (100kHz) buck converter
CH1: VPWM Input voltage – CH2: (IOUT) Switch node current – CH4: (VOUT) Switch node voltage

EPC Development Board
(1) Maximum input voltage depends on inductive loading, maximum switch node ringing must be kept under 150 V for EPC2033.
(2) Maximum current depends on die temperature – actual maximum current is affected by switching frequency, bus voltage and thermal cooling.
(3) When using the on board logic buffers, refer to the NCP51820 datasheet when bypassing the logic buffers.
(4) Limited by time needed to ‘refresh’ high side bootstrap supply voltage.