EPC9147A – Motor Drive Controller Interface board – Microchip DSP

EPC9147A Development Kit

The EPC9147A board is an interface board that accepts the Microchip MA330031-2 Plug-In-Module (PIM), that is fitted with the dsPIC33EP256MC506 Digital Signal Processor (DSP), and interfaces to a 3-phase eGaN® FET/IC motor drive inverter board. This interface board allows users to utilize the existing Microchip motorBench® Development Suite resources to program the PIM that controls a motor powered by an eGaN FET/IC 3-phase inverter using sensorless field orientation control with space vector pulse width modulation.

The EPC9147A includes a standard Microchip compatible programming port (J4), I2C expansion port (J8) and, a 40-pin card edge connector (J2) that interfaces the PWM, analog feedback signal, errors states and 3.3 V power to the motor drive inverter board.

At this time the EPC9147A is sold separately and also included with the EPC9146KITA 400 W Motor drive demonstration board.


  • Three-phase motor drive
    • Robotics, drones, e-mobility
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