EPC9147C: Motor Drive Controller Interface board – STMicroelectronics STM32 Nucleo

EPC9147C Development Board

The EPC9147C board is an interface board that accepts the STMicroelectronics STM32 NUCLEO-G431RB motor drive development board, that is fitted with the STM32G431RBT6 ARM Digital Controller, and interfaces to a 3-phase eGaN® FET/IC motor drive inverter board. This interface board allows users to utilize the existing STMicroelectronics Integrated Development Environment resources to program the controller board that controls a motor powered by an eGaN FET/IC 3-phase inverter using sensor-less field oriented control with space vector pulse width modulation.

At this time the EPC9147C is sold separately and also included with the EPC9145KIT 1 kW motor drive demonstration board.


  • 三相电机驱动器
    • 机器人、无人机、电动汽车
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