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机器人和无人机为什么使用氮化镓器件? (Conducted in English)

我们诚意邀请您参加EPC线上研讨会,了解为什么具备卓越性能的氮化镓场效应晶体管和集成电路成为当今机器人和无人机系统中多种应用的理想解决方案。 此外,我们将与您分享为什么氮化镓器件被广泛用于如仓库自动化、医疗机器人、送货无人机,甚至家用机器人例如吸尘器等应用。



  • 实现更小/更轻盈、具有更高精度的电机驱动。
  • 实现可看见更远的距离、具备更高的分辨率、更小型化且成本更低的飞行时间/激光雷达系统。
  • 实现具备更高的效率,同时更小型化、更轻和成本更低的DC-DC电源供电。


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Mark Gurries

Speaker: Mark Gurries is a FAE providing EPC technical support to the western half of the USA. Mark works directly with customers providing all forms of technical support from education to doing designs for large customers to help them realize the full benefits of GaN FETs over silicon based solutions in multiple different type of applications.

Prior to joining EPC in 2016, Mark was a senior design engineer with 31 years of experience in product design and IC’s in the DC-DC market. Notable companies that Mark has worked for are Apple designing notebook power supplies and Linear Technology defining IC functions and specifications while designing IC demoboards and datasheet application notes. Since then Mark has moved on to smaller startup companies. Mark started his career in 1985 working for a couple of mil spec product manufactures designing and/or manufacturing power supplies. Mark has 5 patents and written over 11 technical articles in multiple electronic publications.



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