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欢迎莅临参观于6月5至7日在德国纽伦堡举行的欧洲PCIM 的EPC展览摊位

欢迎莅临参观于6月5至7日在德国纽伦堡举行的欧洲PCIM 的EPC展览摊位,了解氮化镓场效应晶体管及集成电路如何提高各种应用的性能,包括DC/DC电源转换、马达控制、面向全自动汽车的激光雷达及无线充电应用。

欧洲PCIM 2018

GaN LiDAR Autonomous Vehicles
DC-DC power data center
Motor Drives
Large Surface Area Wireless Power



  • 采用氮化镓场效应晶体管的高功率纳秒脉冲激光驱动器
    演讲者: John Glaser
    Lidar time-of-flight distance measurement has become the primary means of high-speed, accurate mapping of 3-D space. It has uses in diverse applications from surveying to real-time autonomous vehicle navigation. A key lidar subsystem is the pulsed laser transmitter, which must generate high power optical pulses with duration < 10 ns. This work describes a laser driver using commercial GaN FETs to achieve a high power, high speed pulse laser driver capable of operating from an 80 V bus, and can generate current pulses into a laser diode of 60 A peak current with a 5 ns duration.
  • 面向48V 服务器应用的氮化镓基多级IBC
    作者:David Reusch、Suvankar Biswas
    With the power architecture transition from a 12 V to 48 V rack in modern data centers there is an increased interest in improving 48 V power conversion efficiency and power density. In this paper, we will explore system optimization of 48 V to 12 V non-isolated, fully regulated, intermediate bus converters (IBC) to maximize efficiency and power density. A GaN-based three level converter provides a 50% reduction in inductor volume and a 25% reduction in converter power loss.
  • 面向高功率并基于氮化镓场效应晶体管的功率转换器的高效散热解决方案
    作者:Michael de Rooij、Yuanzhe Zhang、David Reusch
    Higher power density GaN FETs have traditionally relied on cooling from junction-to-board into the PCB. This paper explores a thermal cooling method suitable for eGaN FETs that eliminates mechanical stresses during assembly and yields excellent thermal performance using a liquid thermal interface material. A 140 V to 28 V Buck converter, capable of delivering 34 A (1kW) was designed and built. Tests were performed using forced air cooling on the PCB and repeated with the proposed thermal solution that resulted in more than a 4x increase in output current capability.
  •  对6.78 MHz、采用多个放大器及发射线圈、基于eGaN FET的E类无线功率系统进行评估
    In this paper, high output impedance eGaN FETs based class E amplifiers are investigated for suitability in coupled transmit coil wireless power systems. Experimental results show evidence that high output impedance class E amplifiers are inherently isolated from each other in this configuration and therefore also balance load sharing for receivers that straddle across two or more coils. Furthermore, only eGaN FET based class E amplifiers can simultaneously achieve high efficiency and high output impedance making them ideal for this application.