欢迎莅临CES 2023展会与氮化镓专家一起参观、了解和设计基于氮化镓器件的解决方案

GaN Gallium NitrideEPC’s GaN Experts will be on-site and online during CES 2023 to discuss the latest advances in gallium nitride technology and support your design efforts. Schedule a time for a meeting with the EPC team during CES.

Consumer applications are demanding devices that perform an ever-growing variety of power-hungry tasks. Yet, consumers expect their devices to remain small and lightweight. To meet these competing demands, smaller and more efficient electronic systems are required. GaN FETs and ICs provide higher power density solutions at low cost for consumer applications ranging from eMobility, to fast chargers, wearables and hearables, high-fidelity audio, home robotics and drones.

Meet with EPC’s GaN Experts at CES 2023 to discuss how GaN can make your consumer designs faster, smaller, more efficient, and lower cost.

Visit the EPC hospitality suite where we will feature product demos, and chat with the GaN experts in the following technology areas:


GaN Power Devices and Applications

《氮化镓功率器件和应用》为工程师分享关于氮化镓技术和应用的最新发展,包含从第三版教科书出版后两年的氮化镓技术发展、设计技术和器件的可靠性等新信息,以及详细描述了氮化镓器件在电源、激光雷达、电机驱动器和航天等应用的最新范例。了解更多 ...

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To meet with a GaN Expert during CES,
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EPC has been in production since 2010 and multiple high volume applications are using eGaN® FETs and ICs. Our GaN experts have worked with our customers over the years and are able to bring their experience to your questions.



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