Stress Testing of eGaN® FETs

ICPE 2011 – IEEE ECCE® Asia: International Conference on Power Electronics
May 30 – June, 3 2011

"Stress Testing of eGaN® FETs"
Speaker: Yanping Ma PhD; Director of Quality and Reliability, Efficient Power Conversion Corporation
Location: Jeju, Korea

Gallium Nitride based enhancement mode (eGaN®) power transistors, although similar to traditional silicon MOSFETs, deliver performance that is unattainable by silicon-based devices. eGaN FETs offer standard power converter topologies added performance and improved efficiency while maintaining the simplicity of older designs. This paper reports the reliability results of eGaN FETs in accelerated stress tests under a wide variety of stress conditions. Over one million total device hours of reliability testing have been achieved on devices ranging from 40 volt to 200 volt (4 milliohm to 100 milliohm). No noteworthy degradation was observed over the stress testing period. Reliability results demonstrated that eGaN FETs can perform reliably and are ready for general commercial use.