ECCE 2011: IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Exposition


ECCE 2011: IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Exposition
September 17 – 22, 2011

"GaN as a Displacement Technology for Silicon in Power Management"
Speaker: Alex Lidow PhD; CEO, Efficient Power Conversion Corporation
Location: Phoenix, AZ

For the past three decades, power management efficiency and cost have shown steady improvement as innovations in power MOSFET structures, technology, and circuit topologies have paced the growing need for electrical power in our daily lives. In the last few years, however, the rate of improvement has slowed as the silicon power MOSFET has asymptotically approached its theoretical bounds. We will address the new game-changing power management products, available today and planned for the near future, that are built using Gallium-Nitride. Enhancement mode eGaN® FETs, first introduced in June 2009, will be demonstrated in various applications and compared against state-of-the-art silicon power MOSFETs. GaN roadmaps for improved device performance and for system-on-chip integration will also be discussed. Performance is only one dimension on the equation leading to the conclusion that GaN-on-silicon is a broad displacement technology for silicon-based power devices. The other dimensions are product reliability, ease of use and cost. These topics will also be discussed showing that the capability to displace silicon across a significant portion of the power management market is now in hand.