Session 2: Wide band-gap semiconductors -
Prime time or promises?


March 17 – 21, 2013

"Session 2: Wide band-gap semiconductors - Prime time or promises?"
Location: Long Beach, CA
Chair: Kevin Parmenter, Excelsys Technologies Ltd.

Panelists: Tim Mcdonald, International Rectifier
Dr. Alex Lidow, CEO of EPC Efficient Power Conversion
Dr. Dan Kinser, CTO Fairchild
Dr. Primit Parkh, CEO Transphorm
Dr. John Palmour, CTO of CREE
Greg J. Miller Sr., Vice President - Applications Engineering at Sarda Technologies, Inc.

For several years now we have been hearing about how wide band gap semiconductor devices will revolutionize power electronics as we know it - "its gonna be great…. soon, just wait and see” Silicon Carbide and Gan have co-existed with Silicon as the incumbent "proven & good enough cheap" solution for some time. . Silicon devices still have the majority of the market share today, yet, is this about to change? Just as digital power appeared to be a solution in search of problems to solve a few years ago - that technology has been making steady advances into the mainstream market place. Will wide band gap devices follow a similar market adoption curve? Will wide band gap devices deliver the goods and gain market share in mainstream power electronics designs or will it be a technically charming laboratory curiosity relegated to high-end exotic design applications where premium prices can be justified? Will customers be able to buy compelling products across several markets where wide band gap devices enable attractive value to utilize on a broad scale? Is silicon good enough at continuously lowering bargain basement price points to fend off any encroachment? Will Wide bad gap break into new and existing applications with demonstrated value even us "show me" power electronics designers? Will the price-performance ratio of wide band gap devices hit the required metrics, which will allow it to penetrate across multiple cost effective market applications? Will wide band gap take off and penetrate the mainstream or will it be forever relegated to rail guns and "one off" exotic high-end applications? Where is the demonstrable evidence of performance advantages to justify any premiums? Will system level cost savings allow wide utilization by creating value and end customer benefits and eliminating component count and reducing BOM costs? What’s the payback period of a design with wide band gap devices? What are the sustainable competitive advantages of wide band gap devices? Will manufacturing cost differences be solved so that pricing can compete with Silicon? What will happen when- accomplished by whom? Come listen to the experts - get these questions and more answered and challenge them by bringing your own questions.