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Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) Expands eGaN Product Family for Wireless Charging Applications with, Extremely Small, Low Cost FETs

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Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) Expands eGaN Product Family for Wireless Charging Applications with, Extremely Small, Low Cost FETs

100 volt, 1 amp, 550 milliohm EPC2037 enhancement-mode gallium nitride power transistor is driven directly from a digital drive and delivers high frequency switching for exceptional performance in wireless charging Class-D and Class-E amplifier applications.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – October 2015 – Efficient Power Conversion Corporation ( introduces the EPC2037 as the newest member of EPC’s family of enhancement-mode gallium nitride power transistors (eGaN® FETs).

The EPC2037 is a tiny 0.9 mm x 0.9 mm, 100 VDS, 1 A device with a maximum RDS(on) of 550 milliohms with 5 V applied to the gate. This GaN transistor delivers high performance due to its ultra high switching frequency, low RDS(on), exceptionally low QG and in a very small package. This eGaN FET was designed to be driven directly from a digital logic IC thus eliminating the need for a separate and costly driver IC.

Compared to a state-of-the-art silicon power MOSFET with similar on-resistance which does require a driver IC, the EPC2037 is much smaller and has many times superior switching performance. In addition to wireless charging, circuit applications that benefit from this eGaN FET’s performance include high frequency DC-DC conversion, LiDAR/pulsed power, and class-D audio amplifiers.

Development Board

To simplify the evaluation process of this latest high performance eGaN FET, the EPC9051 development board is available to support easy “in circuit” performance evaluation of the EPC2037.

The EPC9051 is a high efficiency, differential mode class-E amplifier development board that can operate up to 15 MHz without the addition of a separate driver IC. The purpose of this development board is to simplify the evaluation process of class-E amplifier technology using eGaN® FETs by allowing engineers to easily mount all the critical class-E components on a single board that can be easily connected into an existing system.

This board may also be used for applications where a low-side switch is utilized. Examples include, but are not limited to, push-pull converters, current-mode Class-D amplifiers, common source bi-directional switch, and generic high voltage, narrow pulse width applications such as LiDAR.

The amplifier board features the 100 V rated EPC2037 eGaN FET. The amplifier is set to operate in differential mode and can be re-configured to operate in single-ended mode. The key feature of this development board is that it does not require a gate driver for the eGaN FETs and is driven directly from logic gates. A separate logic supply regulator has also been provided on the board.

Price and Availability

Pricing for the EPC2037 power transistors at 1K units is $0.55 each and pricing for the EPC9051 development board is $158.13. Both products are available for immediate delivery from Digi-Key at

Design Information and Support for eGaN FETs:

About EPC

EPC is the leader in enhancement mode gallium nitride based power management devices. EPC was the first to introduce enhancement-mode gallium-nitride-on-silicon (eGaN) FETs as power MOSFET replacements in applications such as DC-DC converters, wireless power transfer, envelope tracking, RF transmission, power inverters, remote sensing technology (LiDAR), and Class-D audio amplifiers with device performance many times greater than the best silicon power MOSFETs.

eGaN is a registered trademark of Efficient Power Conversion Corporation, Inc.

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