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Multi-phase MHZ Converter with GaN

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Multi-phase MHZ Converter with GaN

This article presents a two-phase DC/DC GaN converter with 120 VDC input operating at 6.7 MHz. 120 VDC is a standard voltage level in the secondary power system at the International Space Station (ISS). Using GaN FET’s high power density and ultra-fast switching, Tell-i’s newly developed SDK board uses two phases to exceed normal switching speeds. Supporting a standard 120-V bus voltage, as used in systems like the ISS, the multi-phase configuration allows interleaving converters to achieve effective switching at 3 MHz, 5 MHz, and an outstanding 6.87 MHz. Optimal and compact layout is achieved with the use of four EPC2019 GaN transistors and two LMG1210 gate drivers for small gate drive and power loops.

Power Electronics News
April, 2022
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