Motor Drive
GaN Reduces Size and Weight, Reduces Audible Noise, Enables Cooler Operation

There are several applications for brushless DC (BLDC) motors in vehicles including those used for motion control and positioning. The rise in vehicle electrification means that previously mechanically-driven applications such as power steering, transmission actuation, and engine cooling systems are being electrically-powered.

BLDC motors are simpler to maintain, more durable, more efficient, smaller, lighter, simpler to control, and less prone to failure than traditional brushed motors. This makes the BLDC motor more attractive in vehicles where space is limited, and frequent operation is required.

GaN FETs and ICs can further reduce the size and weight of BLDC motors, reduce audible noise, improve torque for faster reaction times, and increase efficiency for extended battery life.

GaN Automotive Motor Drive

Reference Designs

Motor Drive Reference Designs

Description VIN IPhase
Featured Product
EPC9146 Demonstration Board
EPC9146 400 W Motor Drive Demo 14 - 60 10 20 - 200 EPC2152 Buy Now
EPC9167 Demonstration Board
EPC9167 20 ARMS 3-Phase BLDC Motor Drive Reference Design Board 14 - 60 20 20 - 250 EPC2065 Buy Now
EPC9176 Demonstration Board
EPC9176 20 ARMS 3-Phase BLDC Motor Drive Reference Design Board 14 - 65 20 20 - 250 EPC23102 Buy Now
EPC9145 Demonstration Board
EPC9145 1 kW Motor Drive Demo 14 - 60 25 20 - 250 EPC2206 Buy Now
EPC9167 Demonstration Board
EPC9167HC 30 ARMS 3-Phase BLDC Motor Drive Reference Design Board 14 - 60 30 20 - 250 EPC2065 Buy Now

EPC’s application team is constantly working on new reference designs. If there is a requirement not met by the listed boards, please contact us via Ask a GaN Expert to discuss your application further.

Half-bridge development boards are available for quick evaluation of most eGaN FETs and ICs.


Recommended AEC Devices for Automotive Motor Drive

Part Number Status Configuration VDS
ID (A) Pulsed ID
EPC2214 Active Single AEC 80 6 20 1.8 0.5 0.3 8 10 47 BGA 1.35 x 1.35 Buy Now
EPC2206 Preferred Single AEC 80 6 2.2 15 4.1 3 72 90 390 LGA 6.05 x 2.3 Buy Now
EPC2212 Preferred Single AEC 100 6 13.5 3.2 0.9 0.6 18 18 75 LGA 2.1 x 1.6 Buy Now
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