GaN Industrial Markets and Applications


Safe, efficient and reliable industrial applications such as drones for safety and convenience, e-Mobility for convenience, robotics for factory automation, service appliances, and medical equipment, drive the adoption of sophisticated electronics for high resolution machine vision, efficient and quiet motors, high power density power conversion and versatile and efficient resonant wireless power . GaN transistors and integrated circuits are a vital element in these systems for their efficiency, small size and weight, and low cost. GaN FETs and ICs from EPC range from 15 V – 350 V to cover a wide range of industrial applications.

The rapid emergence of scooters, e-bikes, and other micromobility solutions has opened new markets for chargers, both wired and wireless, and compact motor drives.

Drones have crossed the line between toys and tools, and now they are increasingly used for missions such as medical supply delivery, offshore equipment inspection, and even firefighting. As we move even further into general payload deliveries, range and payload translate into value and profit.

In all these industrial applications, GaN transistors and ICs enable the highest efficiency, lightest weight, and most reliable solutions.