Communications GaN Application: Envelope Tracking

High Frequency, Lower Power Consumption, Reduced System Costs

Envelope Tracking is a power supply technique for improving the energy efficiency of Radio Frequency Power Amplifiers by tracking the power demand as opposed to today’s fixed power systems. In cell phones use of envelope tracking means longer talk time, and in base stations it means smaller, less expensive amplifiers that consume far less energy and are less expensive to operate.

With switching transition speeds in the sub nano-second range, Gallium nitride power transistors are an enabling technology for both ET converters and wide bandwidth RF Power Amplifier designs. The ultra fast switching capabilities of GaN FETs enable the high frequency multi-phase buck converters and other power management topologies used in envelope tracking.

Communications GaN Envelope Tracking

Reference Designs

High-Speed Half Bridge Development Boards

Part Number Description VIN VOUT lOUT
Featured Product  
TIDA-01634 Demonstration Board
TIDA-01634 Multi-MHz (up to 50 MHz) GaN Power Stage Reference Design
for High-Speed DC/DC Converters
20 to 60 5 to VIN-5 5 EPC8009 Buy Now
EPC9066 Demonstration Board
EPC9066 Half Bridge Plus Driver with Synchronous Bootstrap 32 40 2.7 EPC8004 Buy Now
EPC9067 Demonstration Board
EPC9067 Half Bridge Plus Driver with Synchronous Bootstrap 52 65 2.7 EPC8009 Buy Now
EPC9068 Demonstration Board
EPC9068 Half Bridge Plus Driver with Synchronous Bootstrap 80 100 2.7 EPC8010 Buy Now

EPC’s application team is constantly working on new reference designs. If there is a requirement not met by the listed boards, please contact us via Ask a GaN Expert to discuss your application further.

Half-bridge development boards are available for quick evaluation of most eGaN FETs and ICs.


Recommended Devices for Envelope Tracking

Part Number Status Configuration VDS
ID (A) Pulsed ID
EPC8004 Active Single 40 6 110 0.37 0.12 0.047 0.63 4 7.5 LGA 2.05 x 0.85 Buy Now
EPC8002 Active Single 65 6 480 0.133 0.057 0.015 0.344 2 2 LGA 2.05 x 0.85 Buy Now
EPC8009 Active Single 65 6 130 0.37 0.12 0.055 0.94 4 7.5 LGA 2.05 x 0.85 Buy Now
EPC2038 Active Single with Gate Diode 100 6 3300 0.044 0.02 0.004 0.134 0.5 0.5 BGA 0.9 x 0.9 Buy Now
EPC2038 Active Single with Gate Diode 6 BGA 0.9 x 0.9 Buy Now
EPC2037 Active Single 100 6 550 0.115 0.032 0.025 0.6 1.7 2.4 BGA 0.9 x 0.9 Buy Now
EPC8010 Active Single 100 6 160 0.36 0.13 0.06 2.2 4 7.5 LGA 2.05 x 0.85 Buy Now
EPC2051 Preferred Single 100 6 25 1.8 0.6 0.3 7.3 1.7 37 BGA 0.85 x 1.3 Buy Now
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