EPC9177: Small Area, Low-Profile, Synchronous Buck Converter

EPC9177 – Small Area, Low-Profile, Synchronous Buck Converter
Reference Design Demonstration Optimized for Computing
Power Supplies and USB-PD

EPC9177 Development Kit

The EPC9177 demonstration board is a digitally controlled, compact, synchronous buck converter featuring the 100 V-rated EPC23102 ePower™ Stage IC that operates at 720 kHz with an input voltage range from 24 V through 48 V and can deliver up to 20 A load current. The default output voltage is set to 12 V.


  • Employs latest eGaN IC technology with fully integrated half-bridge ePower Stage
  • Simple, compact layout that fits withing 21 x 13 mm
  • Optimized operating frequency for 48 V – 12 V conversion at 720 kHz
  • Configured with a low-profile inductor of just 3 mm height
  • Pre-installed heat spreader and heatsink
  • Digitally controlled allowing advanced control techniques to be implemented
  • Measured efficiency of > 95% at 48 VIN – 12 VOUT, 20 A with heatsink


  • High power USB PD 3.1 chargers
    • Laptops and mobile phones
    • eMobility (ebikes, escooters)
    • Gaming PCs
    • Power tools
  • Synchronous buck DC-DC converters
    • High power density power supplies for computing, industrial, consumer, and telecom power systems
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