EPC9186: 150 ARMS, wide input voltage 3-Phase BLDC Motor Drive Inverter

EPC9186 – 150 ARMS 3-Phase BLDC Motor Drive Inverter Reference Design Board

EPC9186 Reference Design Board

The EPC9186 is a 150 ARMS 3-phase BLDC motor drive inverter board featuring the EPC2302eGaN® FET. The EPC9186 uses 4 FETs in parallel per switch position and can deliver up to 200 Apk maximum output current.


  • 3-phase inverter with wide input DC voltage ranging from 14 V to 80 V
  • Low distortion switching that reduces torque ripple and keeps motor audio emission low
  • Current, voltage, and temperature monitoring
  • Protection features: over-current and input supply under voltage lockout


  • BLDC motor drives
    • eMobility
    • Forklifts
    • High-power drones
  • Synchronous buck DC-DC converters
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