How to GaN Webinar Series

Design Tips+ Webinar - Sponsored by Digi-Key Electronics

Easy Design Tips to Maximize Performance in Your GaN Designs

日期: 2021年3月24日

時間: 美國太平洋夏令時間上午8時

研討會時間: 1 小時

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Join EPC and Digi-Key Electronics on this the webinar to discover the basic techniques for using GaN transistors in high-performance power conversion circuits to achieve maximum performance.

David Lunsetter, a Senior Applications Engineer at Digi-Key Electronics, has been helping Digi-Key customers for over 24 years. His speciality is knowing a bit about most products Digi-Key Electronics sells and keeping the memory of such items as bucket-brigades and WOMs alive. David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from North Dakota State University. When not working, he enjoys paddling and wetting a line now and then; that is, when he can get away from chauffeuring children, battling foxes, or mending fences.

In this webinar, Digi-Key Electronics and EPC CEO, Alex Lidow will discuss:

  • Gate drive techniques and available solutions for fast-switching GaN devices
  • Optimal layout techniques to take full advantage of the speed of GaN
  • A simple, inexpensive heat-sinking technique to extract even more power out of GaN designs!



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Alex Lidow

Alex Lidow現為宜普電源轉換公司(EPC)的首席執行官及共同創辦人。在創辦宜普電源轉換公司之前,Lidow博士是國際整流器公司(NYSE:IRF)的首席執行官。他是HEXFET功率MOSFET的共同發明者,除了擁有多項與功率半導體技術相關的專利權外,Lidow博士發表了許多與這些技術相關的著作,並且與另外三位作者共同著作《氮化鎵電晶體—高效功率轉換元件》教科書。該教科書出版了第三版,由John Wiley & Sons出版。Lidow博士獲得美國加利福尼亞理工學院應用物理理學學士學位及斯坦福大學應用物理博士學位元元。