EPC at PCIM Digital Days 2021

於PCIM EU 2021研討會向GaN技術專家提問

參觀於2021年5月3日至7日在PCIM EU舉行的EPC虛擬展位

EPC的GaN專家將在PCIM EU舉行期間,討論氮化鎵技術的最新進展並支援您的設計。


EPC會議日程– 所有時間均為紐倫堡當地時間

使用單片氮化鎵ePower™功率級的雙向、48 V /12 V的 1 / 16 磚式轉換器

2021年5月4日星期二上午9:50 (第4組)

氮化鎵積體電路(IC)的技術發展實現了半橋和閘極驅動器的集成,從而實現單晶片解決方案–它簡化了佈局、減小面積並降低了成本。本文將介紹一種雙向1/16磚DC-DC轉換器,該轉換器使用氮化鎵功率級積體電路,適用於48 V/12 V的應用,最大輸出功率為300 W,峰值效率為95%。

1kW且基於eGaN FET的LLC諧振轉換器,尺寸為1/8磚式,適用於48 V伺服器應用


本文介紹面向48 V伺服器應用、1/8磚式、1 kW 且基於eGaN FET的LLC諧振轉換器。採用可選的GaN FET、參數設計、LLC諧振拓撲,以實現零電壓開關(ZVS)。採用簡單的方法將散熱器安裝到電路板的兩面,從而提高散熱性能。獨立的1 kW LLC諧振轉換器的原型可實現97.6%的峰值效率和96.5%的滿載效率。

Exhibitor Seminar: How GaN is Driving Changes in Autonomy, Automotive, and eMobility

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 4:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Join EPC CEO and co-founder, Alex Lidow, to discover how GaN is driving changes in autonomy, automotive, and eMobility.

Autonomy: GaN FETs and ICs are a vital element in the “eyes” of autonomous vehicles by power the lasers used in lidar systems for applications from food delivery pods to warehouse robots to drones to fully autonomous taxis.

Automotive: For 48 V automotive bus systems in mild hybrid electric vehicles, GaN technology increases the efficiency, shrinks the size, and reduces system cost.

eMobility: The rapid emergence of scooters and e-bikes has opened new markets for chargers (wired and wireless), and compact motor drives. GaN transistors and integrated circuits are in all these applications due to their affordability, efficiency, and small size.

Bodo Power Systems主持的小組討論: GaN-based 3 kW Bi-directional Converter for 48 V Automotive Power


For 48 V bus systems, GaN technology increases the efficiency, shrinks the size, and reduces system cost. Due to the fast-switching speed, GaN-based solutions can operate at higher frequencies than traditional MOSFET solutions, reducing the number of phases per systems and thus, reducing both size and cost. In A GaN-based 3 kW 48 V to 12 V DC-DC converter, this higher switching frequency results in a solution that iss 35% smaller, results in 10 W lower inductor DCR losses, AND reduces cost of the system by about 20% over the MOSFET solution.


2021年5月12日星期三 下午3:00 至下午6:00

Gallium nitride power semiconductors have seen increased adoption in many power electronic applications. The performance of GaN FETs continues to evolve and improve but the challenges of maximizing the GaN benefit increases too. This tutorial will provide engineers the tools and understanding needed to fully utilize the potential of GaN FETs and integrated circuits.

The seminar contains four main sections; 1) An introduction the important distinguishing characteristics of GaN FETs, 2) The fundamentals of designing with GaN FETs and ICs, 3) GaN-based application examples demonstrating the techniques presented in section two, and 4) an introduction to the GaN integration revolution.

Watch, on-demand the “How to GaN Webinar Series.”

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