EPC9048 : 160 V 半桥开发板

EPC Development Board

The EPC9048 development boards are in a half bridge topology with onboard gate drives, with a 12 A maximum output current, featuring the EPC2034 enhancement mode (eGaN®) field effect transistor (FET). The development board contains two eGaN FETs in a half bridge configuration using the Texas Instruments UCC27611 gate driver, supply and bypass capacitors. The board contains all critical components and layout for optimal switching performance. There are also various probe points to facilitate simple waveform measurement and efficiency calculation.

面向新设计,EPC 氮化镓专家推荐EPC9099


EPC9048 Waveform Chart
Typical 的波形图、 EPC9048. VIN = 150 V to 7.5 V/10 A (50 kHz) 降压转换器 showing rising and falling edges, CH2: (VPWM) Input logic signal – CH4: (IOUT) Output inductor current – CH1: (VOUT)开关节点电压
EPC Development Board
* Assumes inductive load, maximum current depends on die temperature – actual maximum current will be subject to switching frequency, bus voltage and thermal management.
# 取决于“更新”高侧自举电路电源电压的所需时间。