EPC9068 – High Frequency Development Board with Synchronous Bootstrap Gate Drive

The EPC9068 development board that can be configured as either a buck converter or a ZVS class-D amplifier. The synchronous bootstrap gate drive enables high efficiency and high frequency operation, up to 15 MHz.

The EPC9068 is a 100 V maximum device voltage, 2.7 A maximum output current, half bridge with onboard gate drives, featuring the EPC8010 enhancement mode (eGaN®) field effect transistor (FET). The gate driver has been configured with a synchronous FET bootstrap circuit featuring the EPC2038 eGaN FET that eliminates high side device losses induced by the reverse recovery losses of the internal bootstrap diode of the gate driver.


* Assumes inductive load, maximum current depends on die temperature – actual maximum current will be subject to switching frequency, bus voltage and thermal cooling.
# Limited by time needed to ‘refresh’ high side bootstrap supply voltage.