EPC9514 - Wireless Power Demonstration Board

EPC9514 - Category 5, 19 V, 27 W Wireless Power Receiver

EPC9514 Wireless Power Receiver

Device receive units are now available for customers that want to get various consumer electronic products quickly to market.

The EPC9514 demonstration board is a 6.78 MHz (Lowest ISM band) highly resonant wireless power receiver capable of delivering up to 27 W as a 19 V regulated output when operating to the AirFuel standard (excluding the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communications). This board is intended to power products such as small laptops when used in a wireless power system.

The EPC9514 can also be purchased as part of the Class 4 EPC9129 full demonstration kit. The full demonstration kits include an amplifier board, an AirFuel compatible source coil, and receiving devices.


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