The Gallium Nitride (GaN) Journey - Learn How GaN Power Devices Can Improve Your Designs

EPC’s enhancement-mode gallium nitride (eGaN®) power devices have been in mass production since 2010, and their base technology is orders of magnitude better than the silicon theoretical limit. GaN devices offer several advantages over silicon devices, including:

  • Higher efficiency
  • Higher power density
  • Smaller size and weight
  • Reduced cost

EPC has presented at various industry events, including online webinars, onsite webinars, and exhibitions. You can revisit our presentations and watch any videos we recorded at your convenience.

Learn how GaN power devices can improve your designs!


Tech Taipei – Taiwan
演讲者: Alex Lidow

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GaN Evolution – the Present and Future

PowerUP Asia WBG Semiconductors Keynote Speech
演讲者: Alex Lidow

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Lidar Tech – Suzhou

演讲者: Steve Colino

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Recorded by: Chongdiantou

充电器初级采用安森美NCP1342主控芯片,使用transphorm TP65H150G4LSG氮化镓开关管,同步整流控制器采用南芯科技SC3520,同步整流管采用EPC2218氮化镓开关管。输出采用两颗智融SW3556进行降压输出,降压开关管和VBUS开关管均来自威兆半导体,内置雅特力MCU用于输出功率显示。

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Dian Yuan 5th International WBG Broadcast Festival

演讲者: Alex Lidow, Michael De Rooij and Marco Palma

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EPC 发挥GaN技术优势,将帮助实现高效能电机驱动和DC/DC应用

Sekorm Innovative Conference – Virtual
演讲者: Larry Ke

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Why GaN? Why EPC?

Arrow ACT - Shenzhen
演讲者: Chris Cheung

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DToF/IToF激光雷达、USB PD3.1通用输入电源、BLDC电机驱动应用

演讲者: Hu Chen , Zhu Xiuchun

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