EPC offers a variety of technical documents including application notes and white papers for your use in designing with and evaluating our Gallium Nitride (GaN) based products and solutions.

采用增强型硅基氮化镓功率场效应晶体管(eGaN® FETs) (AN003)

使用氮化镓场效应晶体管(eGaN FET)与使用先进功率MOSFET是非常相似的。但是,由于氮化镓器件具备明显更高的性能,因此我们需要考虑额外的设计和测试因素,从而确保器件可以高效及可靠地工作。

组装eGaN FET (AN009)

eGaN FETs and integrated circuits from EPC have taken a very different approach to packaging power semiconductors – we have ditched the package altogether. EPC’s innovative wafer level, chip-scale packaging has enabled a new state-of-the-art in power density.

准确测量具备高速开关性能的氮化镓晶体管 (AN023)

The increase in switching speed offered by GaN transistors requires good measurement technology, as well as good techniques to capture important details of high-speed waveforms. This application note focuses on how to leverage the measurement equipment for the user’s requirement and measurement techniques to accurately evaluate high performance GaN transistors.

Paralleling High Speed GaN Transistors (AN020)

In this application note, we will discuss paralleling high speed GaN transistors in applications requiring higher output current. This work will discuss the impact of in-circuit parasitics on performance and propose printed circuit board (PCB) layout methods to improve parallel performance of high speed GaN transistors.

Simplifying Design with DrGaNPLUS (AN019)

Gallium nitride based transistors and ICs offer designers of power converters a path towards achieving higher output power, higher efficiency, and higher power density. This application note will address an eGaN FET module designed as a way for power-conversion systems designers to easily evaluate the exceptional performance of gallium nitride transistors.

宜普eGaN FET的热性能 (AN011)

我们十分明白传统硅MOSFET的热性能,但测量氮化镓场效应晶体管(eGaN FET)的热性能则需要进一步的解释。

氮化镓场效应晶体管的安全工作区域 (AN014)

A basic limitation of a power transistor is temperature. Calculations of device temperature during operation assume that power dissipation is spread evenly over the entire active area of the device, which is not always true. This paper will describe the thermally derived Safe Operating Area (SOA) of power GaN FETs which demonstrate very good SOA characteristics while maintaining superior RDS(on). The paper will then compare thermally derived calculations with measured results.

使用器件模型的模拟电路 (AN005)

An accurate circuit and device model is a valuable tool for developing new topologies, building successful designs, and shortening time to market. This article describes the status and use of EPC device models, and illustrates some important considerations when incorporating EPC eGaN devices into a circuit model.

参数特征指南 (AN004)

The EPC GaN transistors generally behave like n-channel power MOSFETs. Common curve tracers, parametric analyzers, and automatic discrete device parametric testers that are used for an n-channel power MOSFET will be applicable for the characterization of GaN transistors. This applications note provides guidelines to characterize DC parameters using Tektronix 576 curve tracer, Keithley 238 parametric analyzer, TESEC 881-TT/A discrete device test system.

直观特征指南 (AN010)

A detailed description of the EPC enhancement mode transistors and integrated circuits physical characteristics is given including the visual criteria all devices must meet before they are released for shipment to customers.

优化死区时间以取得最高效率 (WP012)

In this white paper the die size optimization process for selecting the eGaN FET optimal on-resistance is discussed and an example application is used to show specific results. Since ‘optimum’ means different things to different people, this process is aimed at maximizing switching device efficiency at a given load condition.

选择氮化镓场效应晶体管的最低导通电阻 (WP011)

In this white paper the die size optimization process for selecting the eGaN FET optimal on-resistance is discussed and an example application is used to show specific results. Since ‘optimum’ means different things to different people, this process is aimed at maximizing switching device efficiency at a given load condition.

采用氮化镓场效应晶体管优化印刷电路板的版图 (WP010)

This white paper will explore the optimization of PCB layout for an eGaN FET based point of load (POL) buck converter, comparing the conventional designs and proposing a new optimal layout to further reduce parasitics.

寄生电阻对基于氮化镓场效应晶体管及MOSFET的负载点降压转换器性能的影响 (WP009)

With improvements in switching figure of merit provided by eGaN FETs, the packaging and PCB layout parasitics are critical to high performance. This white paper will study the effect of parasitic inductance on performance for eGaN FET and MOSFET based point of load (POL) buck converters operating at a switching frequency of 1 MHz, an input voltage of 12 V, an output voltage of 1.2 V, and an output current up to 20 A.

设计时使用氮化镓场效应晶体管所需考虑的驱动器及版图 (WP008)

eGaN FETs differ from their silicon counterparts because of their significantly faster switching speeds and consequently have different requirements for gate drive, layout, and thermal management which can all be interactive.

eGaN FET 电学特性 (WP007)

In this paper the basic electrical characteristics of eGaN FETs are explained and compared against silicon MOSFETs. A good understanding of the similarities and differences between these two technologies is a necessary foundation for understanding how much we can improve existing power conversion systems.

于电源转换领域,第5代晶体管的性能提升实现质的飞跃 (AN022)

Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC), the world’s leader in enhancement mode gallium nitride on silicon (eGaN) power FETs and ICs has developed a next generation of eGaN technology that makes it possible to cut the size of our products in half, while giving the power system designer access to significantly higher performance. This is EPC’s fifth generation (Gen 5) GaN technology and it is further evidence that GaN-on-silicon is a rapidly improving technology that is already more than 10 X higher performance than silicon MOSFETs while costing less to produce.

eGaN FETs Deliver the Performance of GaN at the Price of Silicon (WP017)

Power transistors made using gallium nitride (GaN) instead of silicon have been in production for several years. A new line of eGaN FETs is now available that are not only much faster and smaller than power MOSFETs with similar on-resistance and voltage ratings, but these new transistors are priced favorably at comparable volumes. This is the first time in 60 years that there has been a non-silicon technology that has both superior performance and price compared with their silicon-based counterpart.

氮化镓集成器件实现更高直流-直流转换效率及功率密度 (AN018)


Fourth Generation eGaN FETs Widen the Performance Gap with the Aging MOSFET (AN017)

Fourth generation of GaN-on-silicon enhancement mode transistors (eGaN FETs) sets new performance records. This family of products range from 30 V to 200 V and significantly widen the performance gap between the aging power MOSFET and gallium nitride-based transistors.

Introducing a Family of eGaN FETs for Multi-Megahertz Hard Switching Applications (AN015)

In this application note we present the new EPC8000 series devices and highlight some of the key features that make this transistor family suitable for high frequency applications. That will be followed by two application examples, a 10 MHz envelope tracking converter and a 6.78 MHz class D wireless power transfer system. In conclusion, small signal RF characteristics will also be provided.

氮化镓功率晶体管的基础 (AN002)

The basic requirements for power semiconductors are effciency, reliability, controllability, and cost effectiveness. High frequency capability adds further value in size and transient response in regulators, and fidelity in class D amplifiers. Without effciency and reliability, a new device structure would have no chance of economic viability.

Is it the End of the Road for Silicon in Power Conversion (AN001)

For the past three decades, power management efficiency and cost have shown steady improvement as innovations in power MOSFET structures, technology, and circuit topologies have paced the growing need for electrical power in our daily lives. In the last few years, however, the rate of improvement has slowed as the silicon power MOSFET has asymptotically approached its theoretical bounds. Now the superior performance of gallium nitride technology is displacing the power MOSFET.

eGaN FETs for Low Cost Resonant Wireless Power Applications (AN021)

Resonant wireless power systems use loosely-coupled, highly-resonant coils that are tuned to high frequencies (6.78 MHz or 13.56 MHz). The AirFuel Alliance has developed the standard for resonant wireless power applications. They address convenience-of-use issues such as source to device distance, device orientation on the source, multiple devices on a single source, higher power capability, simplicity of use, and imperfect placement.

eGaN FETs for Envelope Tracking Applications (WP013)

Gallium nitride transistors can be used to improve the efficiency of DC-DC conversion. In this white paper we look at a new application that is being enabled by gallium nitride technology that has been difficult to implement using traditional silicon MOSFET power devices.

eGaN FETs for Photo-Voltaic Inverter Applications (AN016)

Photo-Voltaic (PV) inverter size and cost are dominated by thermal management and passive elements used for bulk energy storage and filtering. Using eGaN FETs to increase efficiency and/or increase switching frequency will reduce the size and cost of the system.

eGaN FETs Small Signal RF Performance (WP016)

Even though the eGaN FET was designed and optimized as a power-switching device, it also exhibits good RF characteristics. EPC’s small 200 V eGaN FET was selected for RF evaluation and should be viewed as a starting point from which the RF characteristics of future eGaN FET part numbers can be optimized for even better RF performance at higher frequencies.

eGaN FETs in High Frequency Resonant Converters (WP015)

In this white paper eGaN FET technology is applied in a high frequency resonant converter. Previously, the advantages provided by eGaN FETs in hard switching isolated and non-isolated applications were addressed. This paper will demonstrate the ability of the eGaN FET to improve efficiency and output power density in a soft switching application, as compared to what is achievable with existing power MOSFET devices.

使用氮化镓场效应晶体管改善直流-直流正激式转换器的效率 (WP004)

DC-DC converter designers can achieve higher power density at lower power levels by using forward converters with synchronous rectification and gallium nitride transistors. One very typical application is a 26 W, 48 V to 5 V , Power over Ethernet Powered Device (PoE-PD).

使用氮化镓场效应晶体管改善直流-直流反激式转换器的效率 (WP003)

DC-DC converter designers can achieve low cost at low power densities by using flyback converters and enhancement mode gallium nitride transistors. To evaluate the performance of eGaN FETs in a flyback converter, two different converter designs were created and compared to MOSFET equivalent versions of the same design.

采用基于氮化镓场效应晶体管的降压转换器树立直流-直流转换效率的基准 (WP002)

Improvements in buck converters over the past few years have been limited by the power MOSFET’s sedate switching speeds which, in this “hard-switched” topology, translates into lower power conversion frequencies (size and cost), lower efficiency (size and cost), and lower VIN/VOUT ratios (less efficient power management systems). In this paper we show that eGaN FETs unlock a new spectrum of performance that can be translated into significant power conversion system cost and performance improvements.

Data center power applications
LiDAR applications
Wireless power applications
Envelope tracking applications
Space applications
Class D Audio applications
Medtech applications
Motor drive applications
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