EPC Development Board

EPC9018 : 30 V Half-Bridge Development Board
for Low Duty Cycle Applications

VDS(最大值)、30 V
ID(RMS最大值)、35 A

The EPC9018 is a half-bridge development board for high current, high step-down voltage applications such as point-of-load converters. With a 30 V maximum device voltage, 35 A maximum output current, the EPC9018 is in a half bridge topology with onboard gate drive, featuring the 40 V EPC2015 as the single high side (control) FET and the 30 V EPC2023 as the low-side (synchronous rectifier) FET

The development board is 2” x 1.5” and contains all critical components and layout for optimal switching performance. The optimum layout techniques used increase efficiency while reducing voltage overshoot and EMI.

面向新设计,EPC 氮化镓专家推荐EPC9031


EPC Development Board
* 假设电感式负载,最大电流取决于晶片的温度 – 实际最大电流取决于开关频率、总线电压及散热效率。
# 取决于“更新”高侧自举电路电源电压的所需时间。