EPC Development Board

EPC9202, is a 100 V, 10 A half-bridge power converter “plug and play” proof of concept board for quick and easy evaluation of the high performance gained with gallium nitride power transistors.

The EPC9202 features two EPC2001 eGaN FETs, the Texas Instrument’s LM5113 driver, high frequency input capacitors, and can be driven by a single PWM input.

This DrGaNPLUS board is small, only a little over 9 mm squared – fitting inside a US penny – and can mount directly onto a printed circuit board. It has been designed with an optimal layout to minimize the debilitating effects of common source and high frequency power commutation loop inductances.


  • 97% peak efficiency (VIN =48 V to VOUT = 12 V)
  • All necessary components and optimal layout techniques
  • Easy mount PC board with single PWM input
  • High frequency eGaN FETs


  • Increased power density
  • Easy evaluation for faster time to market
  • Plug-and-Play assembly
  • Lower system size and cost
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