EPC9511 - 10 W Multi-Mode Wireless Power Amplifier

GaN enables high efficiency for both low and high frequency modes

The multi-mode capable EPC9511 source (transmitter or power amplifier) board is specifically designed to be compatible with all the wireless standards. It can be driven by a single source and can operate at either high or low frequency.

The advantages of this single amplifier approach includes the need for only one transmitting amplifier (PTU), it is easy to use, low cost, and the amplifier works with all the standards – Qi A6 and AirFuel Class 2 compatible.

The EPC9511 can also be purchased as part of the EPC9121 full demonstration kit. The full demonstration kit includes the EPC9511 amplifier board, a multi-mode capable source coil, and two receiving device units. One of the device units is tuned to and compatible with the AirFuel Category 3 specification and the second is an inductive mode unit compatible with the 5 W Qi receiver standard.

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