EPC23104: 100 V, 15 A, QFN Package, ePower™ Stage IC

Integrated high side and low side eGaN® FET with internal gate driver, level shifter, bootstrap charging, and gate drive buffer circuits
功率级负载电流为1 MHz、输出电流为15 A
最大输入电压为100 V

EPC23104 GaN PowerIC
封装尺寸:3.5 mm x 5 mm


  • Integrated high side and low side eGaN FET with internal gate driver and level shifter
  • 5 V external bias supply
  • 3.3 V or 5 V CMOS input logic levels
  • Independent high side and low side control inputs
  • Logic lockout commands both FETs off when inputs are both high at same time
  • External resistors to tune SW switching times and over-voltage spikes above rail and below ground
  • Robust level shifter operating for hard and soft switching conditions
  • False trigger immunity from fast switching transients
  • Synchronous charging for high side bootstrap supply
  • Disable input engages low quiescent current mode from VDRV supply
  • Power on reset for low side VDD supply
  • Power on reset for high side VBOOT supply
  • Active gate pull-down for HS FET and LS FET with loss of VDRV supply
  • Thermally enhanced QFN package with exposed top for low thermal resistance from junction to top-side heatsink


  • Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost Converters
  • Half-Bridge, Full Bridge LLC Converters
  • Motor Drive Inverter
  • Class D Audio Amplifier
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