EPC9130: 48 V-12 V, Regulated Intermediate Bus Converter

EPC9130: 48 V to 12 V 5-Phase Regulated IBC Using EPC2045

EPC9130 Development Board

  • Efficiency > 96%
  • Density > 1000 W/in3
  • Cost < $0.06 per Watt (>500 ku)

The EPC9130 development board is a 500 kHz switching frequency, 48 V nominal input voltage, 60 A maximum output current, 5-phase intermediate bus converter (IBC) with onboard microcontroller and gate drives, featuring the 100 V EPC2045 enhancement mode (eGaN®) field effect transistor (FET).

With power density exceeding 1000 W per cubic inch, and over 96% efficiency; the EPC9130, a five-phase, 48 V – 12 V non-isolated, fully regulated bus converter offers exceptional performance, small size, and low cost.

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EPC9130 Typical Efficiency
Typical efficiency for VIN = 48 V to 12 VOUT converter