EPC9192: 2 x 700 W/4 Ω Class-D Amplifier Evaluation Board

EPC9192 Evaluation Board

The EPC9192 evaluation board is a reference design for an analog input, two channels, 700 W / 4 Ω per channel Class D audio amplifier. The demonstration board uses a ground referenced, split dual supply Single-Ended (SE) design, using EPC’s 200 V, EPC2307, eGaN® FETs in a half bridge topology. The two channels can also be configured in Bridge-Tied-Load (BTL) mode, for up to 1400 W / 8 Ω.

EPC9192 is a modular design which allows scalability and expandability. The motherboard hosts two PWM modulators and two half bridge power stage daughterboards, implementing a two channels amplifier, including housekeeping supplies and protections. By customizing the PWM modulator, different modulation techniques can be implemented, as well as switching frequency can be changed. The power stage can also be customized, allowing the evaluation and comparison of different devices.

The EPC9192KIT comes with two EPC9558L PWM modulator boards, implementing an asynchronous switching, self-oscillating PWM modulator, with feedback taken after the L-C low pass filter (Post-Filter FeedBack, PFFB). Switching frequency is set to about 600 kHz. Also included is the EPC9558P power stage, built around two EPC2307, 200 V, 10 mΩ QFN eGaN® FET and the Onsemi NCP51820 gate driver.

The EPC9193KIT includes:
One (1) EPC9192 motherboard
Two (2) EPC9558L PWM modulator daughterboard
Two (2) EPC9558P Power stage daughterboard


  • 700 W @ 2-4 Ω / 350 W @ 8 Ω per channel
  • BTL capable (1400 W @ 4-8 Ω, >100 VRMS)
  • < 0.005% THD+N, > 120 dB SNR
  • Frequency response: 5 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 0.5 dB
  • Overcurrent, overtemperature, UVP & OVP


  • Home audio – multi-channel home amplifier, HiFi stereo amplifier, subwoofer
  • Pro Audio – multi-channel commercial amplifier, professional touring amplifier, active speaker, portable speaker, subwoofer, constant voltage amplifier
  • Transportation audio – Aftermarket amplifier for car, boat, and ATVs
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