EPC9205: 100 V, 10 A GaN Power Module for 48 V – 12 V Intermediate Bus Conversion

EPC9205: GaN Power Module, Uses EPC2045 for up to 1MHz DC-DC Conversion

Density > 1400 W/in3

EPC9205 Development Board

EPC9205, is 80 V, 10 A PCB-based power module featuring the 100 V EPC2045 eGaN® FET for “plug and play” evaluation of the high performance gained with gallium nitride power transistors.

The EPC9205 power module exceeds 1400 W/in3 and features two EPC2045 eGaN FETs in a half bridge configuration, in combination with the UPI uP1966E gate driver. The board contains all critical components and layout for optimal switching performance and can be easily connected into any existing system.

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eGaN FET及集成电路

EPC9205 Typical Efficiency
Typical efficiency for VIN = 48 V to 12 VOUT converter