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Automotive Webinar

GaN…Driving Changes in Automotive Systems

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Join the webinar to discover how GaN-based solutions are improving automotive systems by enabling higher efficiency and high reliability with power densities higher than ever achievable with the silicon MOSFETs used in vehicles today.


  • How a GaN-based 48 V – 12 V, 3 kW bi-directional converter reduces the size, increases the efficiency, and lowers the cost for 48 V mild hybrid systems.
  • How GaN-based 2MHz converters reduce power losses by 40% - 50% for automotive infotainment and ADAS systems.
  • How GaN devices power 48 V automotive motors to reduce size and weight, and increase efficiency for longer battery life.
  • How eGaN® devices enable lidar and other automotive time of flight systems by providing higher resolution, greater distance capability, and low cost
  • How despite their small size eGaN FETs and ICs offer superior thermal performance, lower EMI, and unmatched field reliability.


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Alex Lidow

Alex Lidow現為宜普電源轉換公司(EPC)的首席執行官及共同創辦人。在創辦宜普電源轉換公司之前,Lidow博士是國際整流器公司(NYSE:IRF)的首席執行官。他是HEXFET®功率MOSFET的共同發明者,除了擁有多項與功率半導體技術相關的專利權外,Lidow博士發表了許多與這些技術相關的著作,並且與另外三位作者共同著作《氮化鎵電晶體—高效功率轉換元件》教科書。該教科書出版了第三版,由John Wiley & Sons出版。Lidow博士獲得美國加利福尼亞理工學院應用物理理學學士學位及斯坦福大學應用物理博士學位元元。


Automotive Webinar

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