EPC9156 – 30 V, 10 A High Current Pulsed Laser Diode Driver


The EPC9156 development board is primarily intended to drive laser diodes with short, high current pulses. Capabilities include minimum pulse widths of < 2 ns, peak currents> 10 A, and bus voltage rating of 30 V.

The EPC9156 features the EPC21603 eToF™ laser driver IC. The EPC21603 monolithically integrates an ultrafast eGaN gate driver with and a 10 A, 40 V eGaN IC in one tiny 6-bump BGA IC.

The EPC9156 ships with the EPC9989 interposer board. The EPC9989 is a collection of break-away 5 mm x 5 mm square interposer PCBs with footprints for different lasers, RF connectors, and a collection of other footprints designed for experimentation with different loads. The use of the interposers allows many different lasers or other loads to be mounted on the EPC9156. Laser diodes or other loads are not included and must be supplied by the user.


  • Time of flight (ToF) measurement
    • Gesture recognition
    • Gaming
    • Driver awareness
    • Robotic vision
    • Industrial safety
  • ToF module using VCSEL laser for camera modules, laptops, and smart phones
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