EPC21701: 80 V, 15 A, 3.3 V Logic eToF™ Laser Driver IC

VLaser operating up to 60 V
15 A peak current
Switching frequency > 50 MHz
Typical voltage switching time 1 ns
5 V nominal logic supply
3.3 V logic compatible input control
2 ns minimum output pulse width
3.5 ns delay time from input to output

EPC21701 GaN PowerIC
晶片尺寸: 1.7 mm x 1.0 mm


  • Time of flight (ToF) measurement
    • Gesture recognition
    • Driver awareness
    • Robotic vision
    • Industrial safety
  • ToF module using VCSEL laser for camera modules, laptops, and smart phones
  • Control switch for boost, flyback, or forward converters
  • Class-E amplifier


  • High efficiency at high frequency
  • Low-inductance footprint
  • 超小佔板面積
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