EPC9105 - Demo Circuit

VIN, 36 V - 60 V
VOUT, 12 V
IOUT, 30 A
48 V to 12 V , 1.2 MHz
Intermediate Bus Converter

The EPC9105 demonstration board is a nominal 48 V input, 12 V output, 1.2 MHz resonant intermediate bus converter (IBC) with a 30 A maximum output current and 36 V to 60 V input voltage range. The demonstration board features the EPC2001 (100 V rated) and EPC2015 (40 V rated) enhancement mode on silicon field effect transistors (eGaN® FETs) as well as the first eGaN FET specific integrated circuit driver – the Texas Instruments LM5113. The EPC9105 board is intended to showcase the performance that can be achieved using the eGaN FETs and eGaN driver together in high frequency resonant applications.