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As wireless power gains popularity, there is a push for operation in the higher frequency ISM bands of 6.78 MHz and 13.56 MHz where resonant systems allow high spatial freedom at high efficiency. At these high frequencies, traditional MOSFET technology is approaching its capability limit.

eGaN® FETs offer an alternative to MOSFETs. With switching transition speeds in the sub nano-second range, eGaN FETs can switch fast enough to be ideal for wireless power applications.

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Wireless Power MarketeGaN FETs enable the highest efficiencies in all topologies using 6.78 MHz and 13.56 MHz frequencies.
ZVS-CD = Zero Voltage Switched Class-D
SE-CE = Single Ended Class-E
CM-CD = Current Mode Class-D
VM-CD = Voltage Mode Class-D

Application Brief – eGaN FETs for Wireless Power

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