Cross Reference Search

Cross Reference Search

Gain instant access to cross reference with EPC's GaN Power Bench™ search tool, and replace many competitors' silicon-based power management devices with eGaN® FETs.  Easily compare parametric differences without opening a single datasheet to identify the eGaN FET to increase your design efficiency. Enter a competitor's part number and our tool will suggest suitable replacements. Designed for N-channel MOSFETs spanning 15 V to 350 V, this invaluable resource simplifies your MOSFET cross-reference needs.

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How to use the cross reference search tool
How to Use the Cross Reference Search Tool

Important Note:

All information presented in EPC’s cross reference search tool is based on the best estimate of other manufacturers' published information at the time this information was collected. This information is for suggestion purposes only and shall in no event be regarded as a guarantee of conditions or characteristics. Customers who are interested in such cross reference should contact the local EPC representative in order to clarify their details of the needs and requests. EPC is not responsible for any incorrect or incomplete information.

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