About Efficient Power Conversion Corporation

About Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC)

The Value of Gallium Nitride Technology

The cost of electrical power is a key driver of socioeconomic vitality, as it enables us to improve our quality of life and advance new applications and industries. Silicon has hit its physical limits and, therefore, is no longer able to stay ahead of our demand for more and more efficient power. In order to re-establish momentum a new material is needed.

Leading provider of gallium nitride (GaN)

EPC is the leading provider of gallium nitride (GaN)-based power management technology and is doing more than just improving efficiency of electrical power. It is also enabling new, life-changing applications that didn’t exist five years ago. From wireless power and autonomous vehicles to high-speed mobile communications, low cost satellites, and transformations in medical care, among many others, GaN is becoming the preferred technology for progressive companies that are eager to remain at the forefront of their industries.

See how GaN is changing the way we live

EPC eGaN Technology – Enabling large new markets and Disrupting traditional silicon markets

The Founding of EPC

EPC was founded in November 2007 by three engineers, with a combined 60 years of experience in advanced power management technology. EPC’s CEO Alex Lidow was the co-inventor of the silicon power MOSFET in the 1970s; and, in addition to holding positions in R&D and manufacturing, was the CEO of International Rectifier for 12 years. Over time it became clear to the founders of EPC that silicon had reached its performance limits, failing to propel innovation forward at the rate to which we had become accustomed.

EPC was founded with the foresight that GaN would be the inevitable successor to silicon in the advancement of power because of its incomparable speed, efficiency, and low cost. In fact, GaN has superior crystal properties that enable a performance advantage over silicon by as much as 1000:1.

Gallium Nitride Transistors Hit the Market

In June 2009, EPC delivered the first commercial enhancement-mode GaN (eGaN®) transistors. These new devices were manufactured in a Taiwanese foundry designed to produce standard silicon integrated circuits creating a mature, efficient, and low cost supply chain, making its GaN transistors extraordinarily reliable and affordable. Today EPC offers more than 100 products that address a $13 Billion market.

GaN Will Crush Silicon

For the first time in 60 years there is a higher performance and lower cost option to silicon…gallium nitride. Today, leading companies the world over work with EPC to enable their next generation technologies with the power of GaN. Companies that leverage GaN can avoid being left behind with aging silicon, drive sales growth, and deliver increasing end-customer value.

EPC CEO Alex Lidow talks to Embedded Computing Design's Alix Paultre at the APEC exhibition in Anaheim, California. The various design-ins shown underscore the advantages GaN-based devices can provide a power system.