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See how our technology partners are incorporating eGaN FETs and ICs into their state-of-the-art designs

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VendorSorted By Vendor In Ascending OrderPart NumberDescriptionVinVoutIoutFeatured eGaN FET
Analog DevicesEVAL-LTC7890-AZHigh Frequency, Dual Output, Step-Down Supply 14 V - 72 V5 V and 20 V20 AEPC2218
Analog DevicesEVAL-LTC7891-AZHigh Frequency, Dual Output, Step-Down Supply 15 V – 72 V12 V20 AEPC2218
Flex PowerBMR313Non-isolated, unregulated digital IBC, 1 kW continuous/3 kW peak38 V – 60 V9.5 V – 15 V80 AEPC2218
MicrochipEV78U64AWide-range, 2-phase buck, MIC2132. Up to 8 phases, adaptive on-time control36 V – 60 V12 V20 AEPC2218
RenesasISL71040MEV1ZRadiation Tolerant Low-Side GaN FET Driver Evaluation Board4.5V - 13.2V  EPC2022
RenesasISL81807EVAL1ZWide input range dual-phase evaluation board12 V – 36 V36V/48V/60V/80V20.5 AEPC2218
RichtekEVB_RT6190GQW_02Bidirectional Buck-Boost Controller with I2C Interface for USB PD12 V – 24 V5 V – 28 V5 AEPC2204
Texas InstrumentsPMP443548Vin, 300W 1/8brick Digital Module36V - 60V12V25AEPC2021
Texas InstrumentsLMG5200POLEVM-10GaN 48V to 1V Point of Load Evaluation Module36V – 75V0.5V – 1.5V50AEPC2023
Texas InstrumentsPMP449748V – 1V Single Stage Converter36V - 60V1V40AEPC2023
Texas InstrumentsTIDA-01634Multi-MHz GaN Power Stage Reference Design
for High-Speed DC/DC Converters
0V - 60V 10AEPC2039
Texas InstrumentsPMP22519Unregulated LLC module reference design for two-stage 54-V POL in data centers40V-60V6.6V-10V75AEPC2045
Texas InstrumentsPMP209781 kW Resonant Converter with GaN Sync Rectification390V48V21AEPC2033
Texas InstrumentsPMP2208928V to 1V Single Stage Converter24V – 32V0.5V - 1.0V40AEPC2023
Texas InstrumentsPMP448648V to POL, 3 outputs (Single Stage Converter) 36V – 60V1V, 12V, & 29V40 A, 10 A, & 10 AEPC2023
Texas InstrumentsPMP2295154-V, 3-kW phase-shifted full-bridge with active clamp350 V – 400 V54 V56 AEPC2302

Class-D Audio

VendorPart NumberDescriptionOutput PowerFrequency ResponseFeatured eGaN FET
Elegant AudioDigiGaN-200SClass-D High-Performance eGaN FET Amplifier Module w/DSP50 W x 4 / 8 Ω
200 W x 2 / 8 Ω
20Hz-20kHz +/-0.2dB EPC2016C
Elegant AudioDigiGaN-400SClass-D High-Performance eGaN FET Amplifier Module w/DSP100 W x 4 / 8 Ω
400 W x 2 / 8 Ω
20Hz-20kHz +/-0.5dB EPC2034C
Elegant AudioeGaNAMP2001Class-D High-Performance eGaN FET Amplifier Module200 W x 4 / 8 Ω
400 W x 2 / 8 Ω
20Hz-20kHz +/-0.5dB EPC2016C
Elegant AudioeGaNAMP1002Class-D High-Performance eGaN FET Amplifier Module100 W x 4 / 8 Ω
400 W x 2 / 8 Ω
20Hz-20kHz +/-0.5dBEPC2034C


VendorSorted By Vendor In Ascending OrderPart NumberDescriptionMax Pulse
Pulse WidthFeatured eGaN Product
Texas InstrumentsLMG1020EVM-006LiDAR Evaluation Module401 ns - 2 nsEPC2019
Texas InstrumentsTIDA-01573Nanosecond Laser Driver Reference Design for LiDAR601 nsEPC2019

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