Half-Bridge Evaluation Boards for GaN Devices

How to Turn EPC Development Boards into Prototype

Half-bridge evaluation boards simplify the evaluation process of our eGaN FETs by including all the critical components and layout for optimal switching performance on a single board that can be easily connected into any existing converter.

Most of these evaluation boards can be used to easily construct a working prototype. Since the boards already contain the half-bridge and drive, only the LC output filter and terminals need to be added.

Selector Guide

Part NumberDescriptionVDS
(max RMS)
Featured ProductSchematicGerberBill of
EPC9086Half Bridge Plus Driver3015EPC2111Buy Now
EPC9036Power Stage evaluation of monolithic GaN half bridge3025EPC2100Buy Now
EPC9059Half Bridge Parallel Evaluation For high current applications3050EPC2100Buy Now
EPC9066Half Bridge Plus Driver with Synchronous Bootstrap402.7EPC8004Buy Now
EPC9005CHalf Bridge Plus Driver 407EPC2014CBuy Now
EPC90138Half Bridge Plus Driver4040EPC2067Buy Now
EPC90149Half Bridge Plus Driver4040EPC2066 Buy Now
EPC9049Half Bridge Plus Driver604EPC2035Buy Now
EPC9064Half Bridge Plus Driver Configurable as Buck or ZVS Class D601.5EPC2108Buy Now
EPC9038Power Stage evaluation of monolithic GaN half bridge6020EPC2102Buy Now
EPC9037Power Stage evaluation of monolithic GaN half bridge6022EPC2101Buy Now
EPC9061Half Bridge Plus Driver6024EPC2031Buy Now
EPC9067Half Bridge Plus Driver with Synchronous Bootstrap652.7EPC8009Buy Now
EPC9022Half Bridge Plus Driver651.6EPC8002Buy Now
EPC9057Half Bridge Plus Driver806EPC2039Buy Now
EPC9039Power Stage evaluation of monolithic GaN half bridge8017EPC2103Buy Now
EPC90153Half Bridge Plus Driver8020EPC2619Buy Now
EPC9041Power Stage evaluation of monolithic GaN half bridge8020EPC2105Buy Now
EPC90122Half Bridge Plus Driver8040EPC2206Buy Now
EPC90135Half Bridge Parallel Evaluation For high current applications8045EPC2218Buy Now
EPC9063Half Bridge with Sync FET Bootstrap Gate Drive1001.5EPC2107Buy Now
EPC9087Half Bridge Plus Driver1001EPC2037Buy Now
EPC9050Half Bridge Plus Driver1002.5EPC2036Buy Now
EPC9068Half Bridge Plus Driver with Synchronous Bootstrap1002.7EPC8010Buy Now
EPC9055Half Bridge Plus Driver1003EPC2106Buy Now
EPC9091Half Bridge Plus Driver1005EPC2051Buy Now
EPC9092Half Bridge Plus Driver1005EPC2052Buy Now
EPC90128Half Bridge Plus Driver10014EPC2044Buy Now
EPC90152Half Bridge Plus Driver10014EPC23104Buy Now
EPC90151Half Bridge Plus Driver10015EPC23103Buy Now
EPC9040Power Stage evaluation of monolithic GaN half bridge10015EPC2104Buy Now
EPC90123Half Bridge Plus Driver10025EPC2218Buy Now
EPC9097Half Bridge Plus Driver10015EPC2204Buy Now
EPC90154Half Bridge Plus Driver10025EPC2088Buy Now
EPC90147Half Bridge Evaluation of ePower™ Chipset10035EPC23102Buy Now
EPC90133Half Bridge Plus Driver10040EPC2302Buy Now
EPC90145Half Bridge Plus Driver10045EPC2306Buy Now
EPC90146Half Bridge Plus Driver10045EPC2071Buy Now
EPC90142Half Bridge Evaluation of ePower™ Chipset10065EPC23101
Buy Now
EPC90148Half Bridge Plus Driver15012EPC2308Buy Now
EPC90143Half Bridge Plus Driver15025EPC2305Buy Now
EPC9098Half Bridge Plus Driver17017EPC2059Buy Now
EPC9004CHalf Bridge Plus Driver2003EPC2012CBuy Now
EPC90150Half Bridge Plus Driver20020EPC2307Buy Now
EPC90140Half Bridge Plus Driver20030EPC2304Buy Now
EPC90121Half Bridge Plus Driver3504EPC2050Buy Now