101 V - 350 V Gallium Nitride (GaN) FETs and ICs Product Selector Guide

EPC’s portfolio of 101 V – 350 V GaN solutions provides the high efficiency and high-power density that demanding high power applications require. Examples of applications include high-frequency DC-DC converters, solar inverters and optimizers for renewable energy, and industrial control applications such as motor drives for robotics, industrial LED lighting, and Class-D audio amplifiers.

GaN Power Bench
Access cross reference search, design tools, models, and performance simulations in our GaN Power Bench to assist your design process.

For more information on EPC’s GaN technology download our Technology Brief 한국어 버전   For more information on using GaN devices, download the ebooks Basics of Using GaN in Power Applications and Design Tips for Using GaN in Power Applications

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