How toi GaN Webinar Series

Training Videos

Thirty years of silicon power-MOSFET development taught us that one of the key variables controlling the adoption rate of a disruptive technology is how easy the new technology is to use. EPC offers a wide range of readily accessible product training material to assist our customers’ to extract the full capabilities of the eGaN FETs in their designs.

How to GaN Educational Series

The EPC “How to GaN” educational series is designed to accelerate your learning curve for gallium nitride technology. Theory and real world application of high performance GaN power transistors are explored.

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Why GaN Educational Series

The EPC “Why GaN” video series highlights actual performance improvements achieved using eGaN FETs and ICs in real world applications. Gallium Nitride (GaN) has assumed the position as the presumptive replacement for the aging power MOSFET. These videos showcase the smaller, faster, and lower cost designs that are possible with GaN-based systems.

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GaN Advanced Learning Series

Beyond giving the design basics for using GaN transistors and reliability information, this video series provides direction on converting development boards into working prototypes. Further, the series offers practical examples on the use of GaN transistors in widely used power electronics applications such as DC-DC conversion for telecom and datacom systems, as well as two videos on the use of GaN devices in wireless charging systems.

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EPC eGaN Technology Enables New and Significant Applications

In this series of short videos, EPC application engineering experts present eGaN® FETs and ICs in a wide range of applications including products that customers are currently taking to market.

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Video Presentations
APEC 2019
Efficient Power Conversion, is at the forefront of GaN-based device development. In this video, EPC CEO Alex Lidow talks with Alix Paultre about the various design-ins at the show that underscore the advantages GaN-based devices can provide.